Master Replicas Star Trek Tos Phaser


Master Replicas Star Trek Tos Phaser

This is the Master Replicas Star Trek Original Series Phaser. This prop reproduction is widely believed to be the ultimate TOS Phaser ever created. If you are seriously considering purchasing this item, you probably already know that this may be the finest prop reproduction of any kind that MR has put out over the years.  The combination of precision mechanical and electronic components, combined with perfectly executed paint and finishing details, makes this Phaser unique. The Phaser features full light and sound effects, with both P1 and P2 operating independently. The P1 is detached via a mechanical spring catch. The thumb wheel elevates the rising sight and simultaneously switches between power settings on the P1. The P2 emitter barrel rotates to extend or retract the emitter tip. The power dial cycles the effects from stun to overload, accompanied by authentic phaser sound effects. The P2 handle contains the batteries, and features a plug-and-twist socket that attaches it to the P2 body. I compare it to a very nice camera in construction and complexity. More on that in a moment.
Serious bidders, read this.  The weak spot is that inside the female side of the power socket, the contacts are metal strips that are subject to becoming displaced by repeatedly plugging in and removing the handle with the associated twist-in and twist-out each time. This happened before I was aware of the problem, and the P2 lost power (the P1 was unaffected). Master Replicas would no longer service the prop by that time. Imagine the doubletake I got when I brought this Phaser to an expert camera repair technician I'm friendly with and asked him to take a shot at repairing the socket. Long story short, he succeeded, and this Phaser is 100% functioning perfectly.  
Important note.  While the handle's male plugs do not have a "front" or "back" side, in fact they DO align correctly inside the socket one way but not the other.  That is the purpose of the little blue "arrow" of painter's tape on the bottom of the handle (see photo).  This side front.  Carefully and firmly insert the handle plugs into the socket. Twist the handle into locking position and try the trigger.  If no power, gently give the handle a little more twist.  Works!  Okay, now don't ever take the handle off unless you really, really have to.
This sale includes everything that came in the original MR package; the Phaser, COA and paperwork, the numbered plaque, display case, and foam-lined transport box for the disassembled phaser.  The batteries in the P2 handle are fresh. The P1 button battery is the original and still works perfectly.

accept Paypal only.  No shipping outside the United States. Shipping and
appropriate insurance will be paid by the seller.  In the event of a
return, the buyer is responsible for the return costs.  I will refund the
purchase cost if the buyer feels that the prop does not live up to the item
description.  Please note my 100% buyer satisfaction rating. 

you and good luck!


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Master Replicas Star Trek Tos Phaser

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